I am pleased to have extra attention to my blog after the huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey, the bondage story that’s taking everything by storm. I’ve actually been getting emails from people asking about bondage toys for beginners. A search of bondage toys shows some scrap stuff like masks and hoods and torturous things, but the average couple is not interest in overly freaky things so i did some research for you to fins some really good non scrap bondage toys. www.theadulttoyshop.com/bondage is a cool stop, it’s a sex shop but I found that a sex toy store is going to offer simpler bondage toys then a BDSM emporium which tends to deal in a scarier staff. here are a few toys that I liked that I think you will too:

If anyone saw the season opener of the bachelor, the girl who was obsessed with the book brought her tie and did her sexy butt shaking dance. it was hilarious to watch but i felt sorry fort the poor girl, Shawn is a religious nice guy who would totally be turned off by actions such as this – until he’s married.www.newsnet5.com has the video with exit interview incase anyone missed it!

Handcuffs & Ties
Get both. I think ties are better then cuffs however it allows you to move about freely and you can toe your partner in various places. and tie them to things which is quite fin. handcuffs will only put marks in the wood of your bed frame and don’t offer the same vestibule.

The spanking is a must have. You cant tie up someone without a spanking somewhere along the way, A lighter whip with tassels is fun as the whooshing noise while is traverses the air on the air to your partners butt is kind of cool too. The crop of stiffer whip leaves a stringer pinch which I find too much for a beginner. It’s more serious tool, not as silly and fun. I think crops go with leather probably from the equestrian association.

Nipple clamps are a cool addition that most people don’t think about. The nipple squeeze is ever present during your sex play. It’s not always needed but I think it;s something nice to employ. Try the adjustable screw does not clamp too hard because i found that some are way over the top and beginners usually don’t appreciate the pinch as much as experts do. it comes back to tolerance, the more you use nipple clamps the higher tolerance you re body has there a stronger pinch will be needed in the future. don jump in to the deepens yet, start light and enjoy your way up to the dominance and submissive sex games it;s fantastic and fun, just like the book claims!

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a newbie with bondage. You’re probably searching the internet looking for bondage tips that you can use to play. If you’re an advanced bondage role play, you may be looking for further inspiration and in this case, sometimes looking at a newbie bondage post on a sex blog can do you some good. Anyway’s on we go with some bondage tips:

1.) Safe words count.
Even if you don’t intend on getting too crazy, it’s always a good idea to have a safe word. Most bondage scenarios include some form of power play, the master usually does something the submissive doesn’t want so part of the play is “no no stop!” and then if the master really stops, the submissive says “I didn’t mean that” and then the mood is ruined, or at least it;s a buzz kill. make a safe word so that if you really want them to stop, this is the only way to make them stop. Popular words include butterflies, ketchup, cats, pancake just to name a few.

2.) Dress in costume
Go to your local sex shop and try on a few dominatrix costumes. truly on some Rubba Wear which is like leather latex wear that clings to the body. There are full body suits, gloves, stockings to name a few. If you actually try it on you’ll see the fit, this is better as opposed to buying online which you never know if it will fit. Shopping in person is also fun because it gets you in the mood to play.

3.) Use contrasting props.
props are important and contrasting props are even better. What this means is things that show opposite feelings, for example, an ice cube and hot wax. A whip and a feather. The contrasting feels is more invigorating them just one feel. Alternate and your partner will really feel the difference.

4.) Bondage restraints.
If you get some ropes, you can tie your partner to thighs and tie their limb together. If you don;t know how to tie and want to cheat , juts get a set of handcuffs. Bondage restraints are very important, you can’t have bondage role play without tying up your partner.

5.) Use sex toys.
You can combine this with the clothing tip. While you’re at at the sex shop, get a toy or two. When your partner is tied up, you can use a dildo on them. This gives a sexual atmosphere to your bondage play and makes it more satisfying. For men, you can tie him up and use a masturbation sleeve. You can be a tease and use the sex toy until they are about to cum and then stop. It’s orgasm and denial which is a very erotic way to play bondage games.

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Bondage is a mainstream fetish. It’s so common that it could be considered commonplace for couples. Everyone has a secret bondage fetish, no matter how goodie-two shoes you are, the through of a hottie bound and gagged will get a stiffly in the making. For women, the though of having your legs suspended in the air and blindfolded while a man is having their way fucking you is a real turn on.

Regardless of who you are, these simple fantasies are really hot and erotic but some people might push these ideas to the side thinking that it’s not OK to think about bondage. Here are some mainstream bondage tabloid and news headlines that will make you think twice about hiding this naughty feelings and letting your darker side out to play next time you’re in the bedroom:

Angelina Jolies’s bondage session:
Source: CelebrityFix
Star’s dark pasts come into play… and do you really think hat her and Brad didn’t play this way themselves?? Of course they did, Jolie’s no angel, in fact she’s a dark angel who could probably ride you like you’ve never been ridden before and she could probably teach you think or two about sex. Apparently this was just a photo shoot, but that does not matter, it’s that fact that she agreed to do this. It seems like it would be right up her alley and she juts wanted to have a little fun. There’s probably no doubt it set off the S&M fetish for her.

Rhianna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga
Source: no source needed, just watch a music video
It seems as if these ladies think that bondage is a few fashion style. Marilyn Manson did it a decade ago and it was all wrong when he did it, but these 3 mainstream, top 40 pop acts are dressing in bondage and now it’s OK? Sure it is. Quickly people, go buy your bondage stock now!

Celebrity Bondage Contest
Source: Hollywood Life
These are not the heavy duty bondage you might see on a sex shop or even in your own bedroom, but the fact that these stars are dressing like dominatrix in public is a good omen for the bondage world It shows it’s a sexy fashion statement and that these women like to play naughty. Black leather, PVC, fishnets etc. madonna is the first to grace the world with bondage in the mainstream, according to this source in the 90’s with her tour Blond Ambition World Tour when she wore the infamous cones and her under wear on the outside. That set of the next decade of being bondage and S&M in the mainstream, so now look at what she started! Thank you Madonna for paving the way to this hot bondage fetish fashion in the mainstream.

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It’s important to tie your partner up properly. there are certain tie techniques that you should be using. Think way back to boy scouts. You probably never imaged back then that those tricks you learned can make a difference in your life so many years down the road, but they sure can!

If you remember the proper ties, you can implement those, or you can looks at some bondage tie instruction with bondage galleries that show the proper tie techniques. the reason that this is essential is that you can easily cut off blood circulation and the wrists and ankles. You can also pinch the skin, cause bruising and it may be difficult to untie when you are done. If you’re pulling at the ties during your rough sex play, it is easy to rupture blood vessels and you don’t want to do this, it can cause infection and a number of other health problems.

This is a serious issue and it’s really important to tie your partner up properly. There are really complicate tie techniques and these are like art. knowing how to complete a complex tie can really make you feel like a master When you’ve perfect td the tie technique then you can really assume the role of the dominant,. you will have confidence in your abilities and know what you’re doing which will add and air of professionalism to your tie BDSM play. You can get into role play fantasy way better when you know the tie teaching and know exactly what you are doing.

An advanced bondage master is much more fun the a beginner which is unsure of what they are doing, not to mention that it’s boring for the submissive to lay there are you try to tie them up, only for them to wiggle out immediately after after your failed attempt at tying a know that had a large loose point. make sure you know what you;re doug, it makes the whole experience safer and much more fun.

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When you think bondage and BDSM, you might think whips, chains and punishment. There is another kind of torture that is sweet, soft torture, that is feather play. There are a few ways you can enjoy this type of erotic play. First, you should always blindfold your partner. If you run feather over their body and they can see what you are doing, it does not really have the same effect.

You should be tantalizing them and when they can see what you are doing, the magic is gone. So blindfold your partners, you don’t need to tie them up, that’s optional. Run the tip of a feather over their body. It can be any type of feather but I would highly recommend that you buy a feather from a craft shop because a real feather from a bird that you find on the ground can have parasites and germs and that would not be sexy at all! A peacock feather is common becuase the end is round and blunt. When you run this along your partner, the feel is more of a wide swath. Twist it as you go to ankle it feel different. The fat but thin surface will give a larger feel but will tease with their senses when you twist it around and around.

You can slow use a skinny, pointed feather, This will give more of a precise feel and can fanaticize even more because when you rub the feather, it’s like a barely there feel. they won’t be sure if you’re doing that but once you reach the very sensitive skin soot s like the nipples, the game changes and then they’ll feel the tickle.

You can use the feather to tease them with a sensual feel or if you’re feeling really kinky, there is tickle torture. Some people actually get off on this, maybe you will too, you’ll never know until you try. The premise of tickle torture is that the partner struggles against you but they can’t get away from being ticked. In this case you’ll need to have them tie dup so they can’t scratch the itch. Many people use the feet as tackle torture but you can be curative some other sanative spots include between the thrills, behind the knees and under the armpits.

There are some bird feathers which are like a large group of feathers that are stuck together on a handle. This is kind of like a feather duster and it’s to enhance the sensatory experience and to make all the sense heightened. Many people use a feather to run over tie partner’s body and then when they least expect it, they give a slap with a whip. It’s like hot and cold, when you contrast a light touch with a heavy touch. This is a common way for BDSM couples to play as it really adds contrast to the senses.

Feather play is a intimate activity because it calls for creativity and an open mind as you think of what to do next, but it;s cheap (buy your feather from a craft store, not a sex shop) and it’s something different that’s not normally associated with bondage, but it is a kinky sex thing to try.

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You may be coming on to some rough times, you might have to cut back on your spending and hold back on eating our, vacations and other of life’s wonderful pleasures. Luckily, there is 1 please that you don’t have to cut back on, you can do at home any time and any where. You’ll probably assume it’s sex because this is a sex blog and you’d be partially right. Sex is great, and adding some BDSM bondage play into your sex life is even better. Here are some tips from me, the mistress of it all, letting you know how to enjoy bondage play without spending a penny. If I were to suggest anything to spend money on, buy condoms because having a kid costs way more then 1 condom, and that’s a reoccurring bill!

It’s really easy to be creative with bondage play. Take turns being the submissive and the dominant. Use things like extension cords to tie up, use belts for whips, tie your lover to the bed with a rope. It’s so easy to find BDSM toys around the house. Thee are a few safety notices however I would suggest that you use real handcuffs so that you won’t suffocate the hands, but if you don’t want to spend any money on handcuffs, I suggest that you use an elastic like material that’s stretches so that it’s comfortable. But then again, a little rope burn can add to the mood by inflecting some pain, many people get off on this arousal so maybe you do too, you should try it and see what it’s like for you. Any stretchy material could be like the tie that goes around a lady’s shirt.

Play kinky sex games together and al;so come back to my blog because I’ll have some good updates and kinky ideas for ways to play with the best of BDSM. What’s even better about sex play is that your mind will be involved with the role play and you won;t even be thinking about your finances, it’s great way to escape reality for a little while and play together. A perfect release!

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