When you think bondage and BDSM, you might think whips, chains and punishment. There is another kind of torture that is sweet, soft torture, that is feather play. There are a few ways you can enjoy this type of erotic play. First, you should always blindfold your partner. If you run feather over their body and they can see what you are doing, it does not really have the same effect.

You should be tantalizing them and when they can see what you are doing, the magic is gone. So blindfold your partners, you don’t need to tie them up, that’s optional. Run the tip of a feather over their body. It can be any type of feather but I would highly recommend that you buy a feather from a craft shop because a real feather from a bird that you find on the ground can have parasites and germs and that would not be sexy at all! A peacock feather is common becuase the end is round and blunt. When you run this along your partner, the feel is more of a wide swath. Twist it as you go to ankle it feel different. The fat but thin surface will give a larger feel but will tease with their senses when you twist it around and around.

You can slow use a skinny, pointed feather, This will give more of a precise feel and can fanaticize even more because when you rub the feather, it’s like a barely there feel. they won’t be sure if you’re doing that but once you reach the very sensitive skin soot s like the nipples, the game changes and then they’ll feel the tickle.

You can use the feather to tease them with a sensual feel or if you’re feeling really kinky, there is tickle torture. Some people actually get off on this, maybe you will too, you’ll never know until you try. The premise of tickle torture is that the partner struggles against you but they can’t get away from being ticked. In this case you’ll need to have them tie dup so they can’t scratch the itch. Many people use the feet as tackle torture but you can be curative some other sanative spots include between the thrills, behind the knees and under the armpits.

There are some bird feathers which are like a large group of feathers that are stuck together on a handle. This is kind of like a feather duster and it’s to enhance the sensatory experience and to make all the sense heightened. Many people use a feather to run over tie partner’s body and then when they least expect it, they give a slap with a whip. It’s like hot and cold, when you contrast a light touch with a heavy touch. This is a common way for BDSM couples to play as it really adds contrast to the senses.

Feather play is a intimate activity because it calls for creativity and an open mind as you think of what to do next, but it;s cheap (buy your feather from a craft store, not a sex shop) and it’s something different that’s not normally associated with bondage, but it is a kinky sex thing to try.

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